Freshcare Consulting

QMS Audits are approved Freshcare Trainers and Consultants. We are one of the largest providers of Freshcare training in Australia. We offer Freshcare courses both classroom based and as an online virtual classroom. 
We help lots of clients with training and consulting to get them through their Freshcare audit.
QMS Audits Training Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 45344). Our Freshcare training is accredited therefore you are able to use it as an activity supplement as part of your Farm Household Allowance (available through Services Australia).

What is Freshcare

Freshcare are standards for the Australian fresh produce and wine grape industries.

Freshcare is now GFSI accredited and is used by produce and horticultural industry. It is recognised by the largest 5 Australian retailers for produce. Retailers no longer recognise HACCP certification for produce.

Freshcare Version 4.2

As a part of the GFSI benchmark process, Freshcare Edition 4.2 has been released. There are a series of extra documents which need to be added to your Freshcare manual and they must be completed before your Freshcare 4.2 audit.  As part of the Freshcare training, we will give you an updated Freshcare 4.2 manual.

QMS Audits is your Freshcare Trainer

Freshcare Ed 4.2 – Includes Freshcare registration and a Freshcare Ed 4.2 manual. This training is a mandatory requirement of a Freshcare audit. Training conducted as part of Freshcare Edition 3 or 4 is also sufficient, however, it should be noted there are a lot of changes which has occurred since Freshcare Ed 3 was released.

How long does Freshcare certification take?

Many of our clients have been able to implement quality assurance programs within a few weeks of our initial Freshcare training and then write up their Freshcare plan or manual after that. They have then been able to undergo a Freshcare certification shortly about 4-6 weeks after that.

Food Safety Consulting

Freshcare Training

  • Training includes Freshcare Registration as well as a printed Freshcare Ed 4.1 manual
  • Will teach you how to conduct an 'Internal Audit' as part of your preparation for your Freshcare Audit
Food Safety Consulting

Freshcare Manual

  • Write up and completion of all of your Freshcare templates
Food Safety Consulting

Book your Freshcare Audit

  • The auditor will conduct an audit using the same checklist we will provide you during your training
  • Important to book early as there is usually an 8 week waiting period and the audit needs to be conducted during the season
Food Safety Consulting

Conduct an Internal Freshcare Audit

  • Work through the Freshcare Internal Auditor Checklist whilst on location at the farm
  • Highlight areas in which to improve on
Food Safety Consulting

Freshcare Audit

  • It is mandatory that a Freshcare Audit take at least 5 hours, including writing up a report
  • A Freshcare and HARPS combined audit normally takes all day

Disclaimer – While we have attempted to make this as accurate and current as possible, this is a summary only and does not list ALL of the requirements to fulfil each standard or achieve certification.

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